Nasal Allergies

Nasal allergies, hayfever and allergic rhinitis all describe the same disease condition. People who are not only get allergic symptoms in their nose but also their eyes (allergic conjunctivitis), lungs (asthma), skin (eczema) and throat (itchiness, palate clicking/rubbing) are considered to have broader allergy and called atopic. We are very proactive in how we manage allergic patients. Although we prescribe medications to “suppress’ the allergy at each of these areas on the body that are affected, we a keen to provide a long-term solution. Great efforts are made to start immunotherapy or desensitization treatments that are aimed at teaching the patients immune system to become less allergic. There are many easy options and preparations available in the Australian market.


Normal nose

Skin testing to determine allergies

Allergic oedema (swelling) associated with allergies

Examples of oral immunotherapy preparations available in Australia