Acute Sinus Problems

There are many sinus disorders that can occur. Acutely, true bacterial sinusitis rarely affects common colds or viral upper respiration (<0.1%) but when it does, secondary fever, unilateral (one-sided) pain and/or eye and facial swelling can be a sign. This almost always resolves with medical therapy and surgery is rarely needed. However, if a single sinus becomes locked in or refractory to medical therapy then surgery is often applied. Sometimes a dysfunctional sinus will be become ‘recurrently’ infected, these sinuses are usually abnormal still in between events and always the same location. This is another indication for surgery. When the condition is bilateral, with normal periods in between and usually resolves within 2-3 weeks then these episodes are usually viral and/or allergic reactions in the nose and sinuses. Medical therapy usually provides success here.


Acute sinusitis

Recurrent or persistent ARS (pre-surgery)

Recurrent or persistent ARS (post-surgery)