We undertake all aspects of rhinoplasty in Sydney and nasal reconstruction. This process is always a combination of obtaining great long-term cosmesis and function together.

We specialise in reconstruction of the nose, creating a robust shape and profile that resists collapse and change over time. This technique is ideal for patients wanting to ensure that nasal function is preserved from any surgery. It is essential for those with prior surgery or post-trauma (including sporting) injuries to the nose.

nose job-rhinoplasty in sydney-incision-wound

Preop, 1wk and 3month views of the typical incision used in open structured rhinoplasty techniques

Structured rhinoplasty in Sydney is technique performed by a core group of rhinoplasty experts that share a similar philosophy of wanting to maintain a strong framework to the nose that gives a robust shape over time. This style of rhinoplasty in Sydney involves utilizing a patients own cartilage to create a new structure and is always performed as an open approach rhinoplasty. (see image above for incision involved).


Cartilage for structured rhinoplasty in Sydney

Usually the cartilage from the nose or nasal septum alone is sufficient for reconstructive purposes. There are many tools to help with the soft tissue component to the nose, such as collagen matrix, but for the rigid or structure component, only cartilage is used. In other parts of the world, artificial materials (silicone, medpor, titanium) are used but these materials have a high extrusion rate and this is unacceptable in a society in which patients are followed up longterm and expect a robust longterm result. Where nasal or septal cartilage is not available then a small segment rib cartilage is utilized by a small incision (2cm) that sits in the skin crease of the breast or pectoralis muscle (similar to breast augmentation incision but often smaller)

Information for patients considering rhinoplasty (surgery to change the external appearance of the nose) is available on the website of the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons. Click here to be taken to the rhinoplasty section of their website.

More information can also be found at the Australasia Academy of Facial Plastic Surgeons website.

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