Pituitary tumours

Prof Richard Harvey, along with the Sydney Collaborative Pituitary group and his neurosurgical colleagues have the enormous experience in managing pituitary tumours and tumours  ‘in or around’ the pituitary gland. In fact,  the members of the Kinghorn Pituitary Group, manage more than two-thirds (2/3) of all pituitary surgery that is perform in NSW and are the highest volume centre in Australia. If you are diagnosed with a pituitary tumour, please consider an opinion with our lead endocrinologist, Dr Ann McCormack, or one of her colleagues. A specialised pituitary multi-disciplinary pituitary team meets every second Friday at the Kinghorn Cancer Centre to discuss patient care and ensure that the most optimal path is taken. If you would like your medical situation reviewed then please contact Dr Ann McCormack. (CALL)