Clinical otologic (ear) photos

A series of clinical photos Wax and fungal debris occluding the right ear canal A small (completely benign and asymptomatic) osteoma in the roof of the right ear canal A healed right ear canal after removal of exostoses A retracted segment of the posterior aspect of...

Exostoses (surfer’s ear)

Exostoses of the external auditory canal (ear canal) are bony growths that form due the exposure to cold water and air. When they become advanced they can cause recurrent water trapping, ear infections and ultimately complete blockage and hearing loss. When advanced...

Tinnitus and Stress

The last year has seen a notable increase in the degree of worrisome tinnitus. This is predominantly explained by the close association of generalised stress with the level of tinnitus. We have also observed similar increases in...

Cochlear Implants and Single Unit Processors

Both Cochlear and Medel have released their upgraded single unit sound processors for their cochlear implants.

Vestibular Schwannoma

The NEJM, New England Journal of Medicine, has published a great review article outlining the diagnosis and the complex management paradigm for Vestibular Schwannomas (acoustic neuromas)....

Top 5 ways to improve hearing

Improve the quality of sound and reduce background noise 2. Wearables A new generation of hearing devices with bluetooth connectivity that are great to enhance essentially normal hearing, or to manage mild hearing loss. The nuheara IQ Buds are a great example of this...

Eustachian Tube Dilatation

The Eustachian tube is a complex valve that regulates air pressure and fluid exchange between the middle ear and the nasopharynx (back of the nose) Most of the time dysfunction is related to the tube not opening and closing properly. The commonest symptom is a...

Ear Wax

Necessary, occasionally a pain

Cochlear Implant

Patient experiences with cochlear implantation  

Vibrant Soundbridge