Trainees Section

St Vincent’s Temporal Bone Course

The course is convened by the Otology and Skull Base Surgery department of St Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney, Australia, comprising of Prof Paul Fagan, Dr Nigel Biggs, Dr Phillip Chang and Dr Sean Flanagan. There are 15 hours of fully supervised temporal bone dissection in the Clinical Skills Laboratory which has 17 fully equipped work stations, microscopes, new instruments and state of the art micro drilling systems, along with a permanent in-house audio visual facility.
Live Surgery is televised via video link up to the Function Room in St Vincent’s Clinic. Two sessions of lectures are also included and span Otology, Neuro-Otology and Skull Base topics and are followed by round table discussions, where the delegates are encouraged to participate with their own case studies.

Each year the course is preceded by the St Vincent’s Audiology Conference, which is a full day of live surgery, lectures and discussion aimed at practicing audiologists.


Important Clinical Reviews

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