Post-op Cochlear Implantation

In general terms cochlear implantation is a relatively low impact procedure, taking approximately 2 hours. Generally you are kept overnight and discharged the following day. In many cases we aim to switch the implant on the first day after surgery, which means that you can start hearing rehabilitation immediately. Generally you will discharged on prednisone and oral antibiotics for the first 5 days.

An incision is made behind the ear, disolvable skin sutures are used, and are covered with steri-strips that stay intact for a couple of weeks. You can wash your hair 2 days following surgery.

The ear canal itself is untouched with ear plugs not necessary.

In general terms, gentle mobilisation is encouraged the same day as surgery, but  vigorous exercise should be avoided for the first few weeks, most importantly avoiding heavy nose blowing, and straining.

Minor discomfort is expected, most notably when chewing.

It is usual to sense a degree of dizziness for the first week, and often additional noises such as crackling and ringing are heard.

The first post-operative visit is made 2 weeks after surgery, usually in conjunction with further mapping sessions.

Infection is very uncommon, but any sign of redness, discharge, or increasing discomfort can be a warning sign and you should contact me immediately.


If you have any questions or problems please call the rooms on 93805380. If it is after hours the best number to call is 83821111, which is St Vincent’s Public Hospital and ask to speak to the ENT registrar.

In an emergency situation please make your way to the closest major hospital