Sleep Apnoea and Tonsillitis in Children (Tonsillectomy)

In general terms there are 2 main reasons for considering tonsillectomy in children, and these often overlap. The commonest indication is that for obstructive symptoms, namely sleep disordered breathing, which in severe cases represents obstructive sleep apnoea. The other reason is to treat recurrent tonsillitis. Usually if a child is suffering from more than 4 significant infections a year for a couple of years the benefits of undergoing tonsillectomy are outweighted by the small risks involved.

The onset of recurrent tonsillitis in adolescence or adulthood usually represents a severe impairment to quality of life and is unlikely to resolve spontaneously.

If you are concerned regarding yourself or your child please contact us to arrange an appointment for a comprehensive assessment and discussion regarding optimal management of these problems.