1. Improve the quality of sound and reduce background noise

Soundbar to improve quality of sound coming from the TV

Fine dining

2. Wearables

A new generation of hearing devices with bluetooth connectivity that are great to enhance essentially normal hearing, or to manage mild hearing loss. The nuheara IQ Buds are a great example of this type of device and a great Australian innovation.

3. New generation hearing aids

These aids are able to connect to all other devices wirelessly. They use AI: artificial intelligence to both improve hearing but also can monitor bodily functions and such functions as acting as a medical alert following a fall.

4. Middle ear implantable devices

Soundbridge, with floating mass transducer attached to the short process of the incus

Soundbridge processor with a collection of other adapters to allow attachment of the floating mass transducer to other ossicles

Boneconducting hearing aids

BAHA attract: designed to bypass the middle ear

Bonebridge: designed to bypass the middle ear

5. Cochlear Implants: for when hearing aids, no matter how powerful no longer are adequate

Cochlear implants are no longer for people with complete hearing loss in either or both ears. New technology and surgical techniques allow preservation of some residual hearing allowing stimulation of the the acoustic hearing as well as the use of electrical stimulation via the cochlear implant itself; electroacoustic stimulation.




Advanced Bionics