Getting familiar with Nasal Anatomy

nasal anatomy sinus anatomy

Left nasal cavity from the endoscope view

Thankfully we were able to run both a successful rhinoscopy workshop and sinus surgery course this October 2021. With the tail end of the last CoVid wave ending in Sydney, we were fortunate to make it happen.

These courses are held every year in August and September to help educate physicians and surgeons on the diagnosis and treatment of sino-nasal disorders.

We are grateful to our industry supporters who hung in there to assist the course.

Below is a lecture from our 2019 course on basic sinus anatomy and nasal anatomy. Its a great primer for anyone that wants to know more about the nose the endoscopic appearances and the investigations that rhinologists use to help with the assessment of our patients.

If you are a prospective patient then this lecture is a great start to understanding your nose and sinuses.

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