Providing medical care in the CoVid-19 pandemic:

Unfortunately, there is still a need to provide care for patients with essential and important health issues throughout the period of time that will be occupied by the CoVid19 pandemic. Sydney Ear Nose & Throat Clinic remains open with additional precautions during the Covid-19 pandemic. Essential services, such as medical care need to remain open and is in line with the Governments non-essential shutdown policy. If healthcare providers ‘close shop’, those needing ‘non-CoVid’ emergent/semi-emergent medical care would have to attend the public hospital and further strain the public health resources.

We are compliant with all directives and measures from the department of health:

  • We arre not seeing ‘at risk’ patients in the clinic
  • There are personal hygiene practices in place for patients and staff
  • Wait room has changed to be in line with these policies.
  • ENT surgeons are taking additional measure to protect themselves and patients.
    • Including aerosol/droplet protection such as P2 masks
covid ent nose sinus telehealth

The patient waiting room layout has been designed to minimise contact, promote social distancing and hand hygiene.

Telehealth services are availiable on request but:

  • Need to qualify under Medicare guidelines for bulkbilling
    • Standard telehealth services are also availiable
  • New patients: must forward their referral so that it can be appropriately triaged to ensure they meet the criteria.
    • We may ask you to organise imaging/radiology prior to consult (at the clinic, or locally)
  • Telehealth consultations are bulk billed, for eligible patients,  but do not include an examination.
  • Call us to discuss 0293604811
  • Telehelth is conducted via Zoom

The Australian Society of Otolaryngology/ Head & Neck Surgery (ASOHNS) have produced guidelines. to protect both healthcare professionals and patients.

UPDATE: (June 30th 2020)

Commensurate with the ongoing low rate of community transmission, low hospitalisation and strong testing rates for COVID-19 in NSW,  as of 1 July 2020,  we will be able to return to 100% of normal surgical activity levels, or as close to normal activity levels as is safely possible.

This increase will continue to sit within the principles confirmed by the National Cabinet in mid-May including adequate PPE and ICU capacity.

We are thankful for all our patients efforts to contribute to the extra care and procedures during this period.