Im always impressed by the enthusiam and skill of my colleagues in Asia. I recently spent the last 4 days in Bangkok as part of a visiting professorship with the otoRHINOlaryngology team at Chula Hospital. King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital is a public general and tertiary referral hospital in Bangkok, Thailand. It is operated by the Thai Red Cross Society, and serves as the teaching hospital for the Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University and Srisavarindhira Thai Red Cross Institute of Nursing.

Prof Kornkiat Snidvongs is Thailands most prominent nose and sinus surgeon. He is considered the top sinus specialist in Bangkok. The new OR buidling represents a fantastic facility, comparable to anything in Australia.

Top sinus specialist centre at Chula Hospital

Top sinus specialist in sydney

Live operating at King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital with Prof Snidvongs

We undertook some great live OR surgery cases with terrific teaching aspects. I have included some summary videos from that session below. Many thanks to the terrific work of their fellow Bobo in editing.

And the second case:

The final day was spent discussing rhinology topics, especially, Phenotypes in CRS, Carolyn’s Window approach to the frontal sinus, central compartment atopic disease disease and Modified medial maxilectomy techniques. I have provided links to the lectures/video most closely related but much of the discussion¬† is covered in the Grayson et al publicaiton:

top sinus specialist

Click to download the PDF that summarizes current concepts on clinical phenotypes in CRS