The Sydney Sinus Surgery course is one of the longest running sino-nasal disorder courses in the world. It was established by Prof Richard Gallagher in 1998 and is now in its 12th year with Prof Richard Harvey and has a new co-director with Dr Raewyn Campbell.  The course has expanded over the years and now encompasses a comprehensive program that runs over 3 days. The lectures include a number of subjects that relate to the medical and surgical management of inflammatory and benign sino-nasal disease. There are two separate anatomy lab sessions with fresh frozen cadaver head specimens. The course is fortunate to have great industry support and the full range of surgical instruments are available to use during the course. There is a live operating session on one morning and the dissection always includes simple sinus work as well as more complex surgery. The course intentionally avoids skullbase pathology and rather focuses on what a general otoloaryngologist would utilise in routine sinus surgery and those with more advanced Rhinologic training would utilize in daily practice. The teaching and practice of rhinology has dramatically evolved over the past decade and this course is an excellent opportunity to update both clinical decision making and surgical skills, with a great social program in a fantastic city to visit.

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This year we were joined by Prof Brad Woodworth from University Alabama, Birmingham, USA, who took us through lateral access of the sinuses, frontal pathology and was a great source of wisdom in the case panel. Dr Eri Mori is one of the leading female rhinologists and on the cutting edge of olfactory dysfunction and interventions – both surgical and medical. Prof Douglas gave us one of the best frontal sinus anatomy talks that we have ever heard.

The course is scheduled for 2020 from August 5th -8th. Please click on the link above or email our course co-ordinator on this email.

Sinus Surgery techniques covered:

The course is aimed at practising surgeons and registrars. Advanced areas of surgical management will be covered. There is a focus on integrated medical and surgical management. Modern concepts of airway based approach will be discussed. Live surgery is planned on Friday morning. Lectures and discussions will prepare the participants for two afternoon sessions in the dissection laboratory.

Techniques to ensure complete and quick Sphenoethmoidectomy
Sphenoid sinus surgery
Options to access lateral sinus pathology
Salvage surgery techniques for the failed sinus
Current techniques in turbinoplasty
Managing complications
Outside-in Lothrop/frontal sinusotomy
Endotyping CRS and postoperative care

There is more than a full day of lab dissection, a morning dedicated to cases and live surgery and an opening day that includes allied specialities.

Dr. Bradford A. Woodworth is a Professor of Otolaryngology and Adjunct Professor of Neurosurgery at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) School of Medicine. Professor Woodworth is a surgeon-scientist and academic leader. He serves as an Associate Scientist in the Gregory Fleming James Cystic Fibrosis Research Center where he runs the UAB Rhinology Research Laboratory. He has procured over 3 million dollars in grant funding and was recently awarded a 5 year, $1.73 million grant from the National Heart, Lung, Blood Institute at the National Institutes of Health to continue his ground-breaking research. Dr. Woodworth has lectured on endoscopic sinus and skull base surgery at numerous national and international venues, published over 150 journal articles and 35 text book chapters, and is the editor of 2 Rhinology textbooks.
Dr. Richard Douglas is a Professor of Otolaryngology at the University of Auckland. Prof Douglas, is a specialist ORL surgeon with clinical and
research interests in nasal, sinus and medial skull base conditions. He has a unique background having trained as an immunologist and then retrained as a surgeon. His groups hold several large research grants for further our understanding of the sino-nasal microbiome. Prof Douglas is the current president of the Australian and New Zealand Rhinologic Society.
Dr Eri Mori is Rhinologist from Jikei University in Tokyo. Dr Mori is a past fellow with Prof Thomas Hummel in Dresden, Germany. Her research interests include the management of olfaction in the setting of sino-nasal disease both medically and surgically.

sinus surgery and FESS surgery in Sydney

Prof Larry Kalish and Prof Richard Douglas head up a case discussion

sinus surgery and FESS surgery in Sydney

Prof Raymond Sacks works the crowd and trade display

sinus surgery and FESS surgery in Sydney

Dr Eri Mori, of Jekei University in Tokyo, demonstrating the finesse of olfactory cleft surgery

sinus surgery and FESS surgery in Sydney

Brad Woodworth from UAB and Dr Raewyn Campbell take the participants through frontal surgery

sinus surgery and FESS surgery in Sydney

Prof Richard Harvey offering some surgical tips on hand and instrument position

endoscopic sinus surgery FESS ESS harvey sydney

Sydney Sinus Surgery Course 2019 FACULTY: Dr Raewyn Campbell (Sydney, Australia), Dr Eri Mori (Jekei Uni, Tokyo, Japan), Prof Ray Sacks (Sydney, Australia), Prof Richard Harvey (Sydney, Australia), Prof Larry Kalish (Sydney, Australia), Prof Richard Douglas (Auckland, NZ), Prof Brad Woodworth (UAB, USA)